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How Did We Create STEM Type™ ?

29,000 Career Competencies
We define a "Competency" as something you know or can do well. So basically, a person, a job, and even an academic program are all just collections competencies. Candidit™ Types are simply groups of these competencies that are regularly used together. They help you narrow down options to careers that match the things you enjoy and do well.

Do What You Love.

Linking Hundreds of Occupations and Majors
There has long been a huge gap between educators and employers. Candidit™ is determined to close this gap by helping to identify clear connections between school and employment. Once you find your Candidit™ Type, you can search for jobs and majors that align with that Type. From there, you will discover Candidit™ Pathways. Candidit™ Pathways combine education and jobs ... kind of like an apprenticeship.

No more guessing.

Rigorous Verification and Validation
The Candidit™ Type Assessment has been in development and use since 2014, with more than a hundred thousand students and job seekers utilizing these Types to help inform their career planning. Candidit™ Type Assessment evaluates an individual’s preferences for work by asking simple questions about the activities you would like to do and the problems you are interested in solving. Given how many different jobs there are, the assessment breaks down career preferences into eight job groups for evaluation.

Regain control of your future.

Eliminating Hiring and Academic Bias
By using competencies as our foundation, we have created a career guidance and job matching platform that can help reduce bias, predict demand and provide workforce security. At Candidit™, we believe that getting a job or gaining access to quality education should never be limited by what you look like, sound like or how or where you were raised ... and we have the technology to help make this happen.

Toward a better world of work

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