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advisorEmergency Medical Technicians and Paramedicscareer

You will assess injuries in the field, andministering emergency care and extricating trapped individuals. You may also transport injured or sick people to medical facilities.

explorerAir Traffic Controllerscareer

You will control air traffic on and within the vicinity of airports and movement of air traffic between altitude sectors and control centers according to established procedures and policies. You will authorize, regulate, and control commercial airline flights to expedite and ensure flight safety.

integratorStorage and Distribution Managerscareer

You will plan, direct, and coordinate the storage and distribution operations within an organization or the activities of organizations that are engaged in storing and distributing materials and products.

investigatorAirfield Operations Specialistscareer

You will ensure the safe takeoff and landing of commercial and military aircraft. Your duties could include coordination between air-traffic control and maintenance personnel; dispatching; using airfield landing and navigational aids; implementing airfield safety procedures; monitoring and maintaining flight records; and applying knowledge of weather information.

investigatorFreight and Cargo Inspectorscareer

You will inspect the handling, storage, and stowing of freight and cargoes.

makerExplosives Workers Ordnance Handling Experts and Blasterscareer

You will place and detonate explosives to demolish structures or to loosen, remove, or displace earth, rock, or other materials. You may perform specialized handling, storage, and accounting procedures.

Manufactured Building and Mobile Home InstallersmakerManufactured Building and Mobile Home Installers
makerHazardous Materials Removal Workerscareer

You will identify, remove, pack, transport, or dispose of hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead-based paint, waste oil, fuel, transmission fluid, radioactive materials, contaminated soil, etc. You will likely be required to obtain specialized training and certification in hazardous materials handling or a confined entry permit.

Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine SpecialistsproducerBus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment OperatorsmakerOperating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators
makerUrban and Regional Plannerscareer

You will develop comprehensive plans and programs for use of land and physical facilities of local jurisdictions, such as towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas.

producerExcavating and Loading Machine and Dragline Operatorscareer

You will operate or tend machinery equipped with scoops, shovels, or buckets, to excavate and load loose materials.

producerCrane and Tower Operatorscareer

You will operate mechanical boom and cable to tower and cable equipment to lift and move materials, machines, or products in many directions.

producerLoading Machine Operators Underground Miningcareer

You will operate underground loading machines to load coal, ore, or rock into shuttle or mine cars or onto conveyors. Your loading equipment may include power shovels, hoisting engines equipped with cable drawn scrapers or scoops, or machines equipped with gathering arms and conveyors.

Industrial Truck and Tractor OperatorsproducerIndustrial Truck and Tractor Operators
Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment OperatorsproducerRail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
producerRail Yard Engineers Dinkey Operators and Hostlerscareer

You will drive switching or other locomotive or dinkey engines within railroad yards, industrial pants, quarries, construction projects, or similar locations.

producerPourers and Casters Metalcareer

You will operate hand-controlled mechanisms to pour and regulate the flow of molten metal into molds to produce castings or ingots.

Paving Surfacing and Tamping Equipment OperatorsproducerPaving Surfacing and Tamping Equipment Operators
Transportation Vehicle Equipment and Systems Inspectors Except AviationproducerTransportation Vehicle Equipment and Systems Inspectors Except Aviation
producerSailors and Marine Oilerscareer

You will stand watch to look for obstructions in the path of a vessel, measure water depth, turn the wheel on the bridge, or use emergency equipment as directed by a captian, mate, or pilot. You will break out, rig, overhaul, and store cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and running gear. You will perform a variety of maintenance tasks to preserve the painted surface of the ship and to maintain line and ship equipment. You will need to hold government issued certification and tankerman certification when working aboard a liquid carrying vessel.

solverMotorboat Mechanicscareer

You will repair and adjust electrical and mechanical equipment of gasoline or diesel powered inboard or inboard-outboard boat engines.

Computer Automated Teller and Office Machine RepairerssolverComputer Automated Teller and Office Machine Repairers
Refuse and Recyclable Material CollectorssolverRefuse and Recyclable Material Collectors
Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe CleanerssolverSeptic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners