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designerNuclear Monitoring Techniciancareer

You will collect and test samples to monitor the results of nuclear experiments and contamination of humans, facilities, and evironment.

advisorRadiation Therapistscareer

You will provide radiation therapy to patients as prescribed by a radiologist. Your duties will include reviewing prescriptions and diagnoses; acting as a liaison with physicians and supportive care personnel; preparing equipment such as immobilization, treatment, and protection devices; and maintaining records, reports, and files. You may assist in dosimetry procedures and tumor localization.

designerCommercial and Industrial Designerscareer

You will develop and design manufactured products such as cars, home appliances, and children's toys. You will combine artistic talent with research on product use, marketing, and materials to create the most functional and appealing product design.

designerElectrical and Electronics Repairers Powerhouse Substation and Relaycareer

You will inspect, test, repair, or maintain electrical equipemt in generating stations, substations, and in-servie relays.

designerGeological Sample Test Technicianscareer

You will test and analyze geological samples, crude oil, or petroeum products to detect presence of petroleum, gas, or mineral deposits indicating potential for exploration and production, or to determine physical and chemical properties to ensure that products meet quality standards.

designerMining and Geological Engineers Including Mining Safety Engineerscareer

You will determine the location and plan the extraction of coal, metallic ores, nonmetallic minerals, and building materials, such as stone and gravel. Your work will involve conducting preliminary surveys of deposits or undeveloped mines and planning their development; examining deposits or mines to determine whether they can be worked at a profit; making geological and topographical surveys; evolving methods of mining best suited to character, type, and size of deposits; and supervising mining operations.

designerNuclear Engineerscareer

You will conduct research on nuclear engineering problems or apply principles and theory of nuclear science to problems concerned with the release, control, and utilization of nuclear energy and nuclear waste disposal.

explorerChemistry Teachers Postsecondarycareer

You will teach courses pertaining to the chemical and physical properties and compositional changes of substances. Your work may include instruction in the methods of qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis.

Atmospheric Earth Marine and Space Sciences Teachers PostsecondaryexplorerAtmospheric Earth Marine and Space Sciences Teachers Postsecondary

You will observe, research, and interpret celestial and astronomical phenomena to increase basic knowledge and aplly such information to practical problems.

explorerMaterials Engineerscareer

You will evaluate materials and develop machinery and processes to manufacture materials for use in products that must meet specialized design and performance specifications. You may develop new uses for known materials.

explorerGeoscientists Except Hydrologists and Geographerscareer

You will study the composition, structure, and other physical aspects of the earth. You may use geological, physics, and mathematics knowledge in exploration for oil, gas, minerals, or underground water; or in waste disposal, land reclamation, or other environmental problems. You may study the earth's internal composition, atmospheres, oceans, and its magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces.

integratorWater and Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and System Operatorscareer

You will operate or control an entire process or system of machines, often through the use of control boards, to transfer or treat water or liquid waste.

producerHelpers--Installation Maintenance and Repair Workerscareer

You will help installation, maintenance, and repair workers in maintenance, parts replacement, and repair of vehicles, industrial machinery and electrical and electronic equipment. You will perform duties, such as furnishing tools, materials, and supplies to other workers; cleaning work areas, machines and tools; and holding materials or tools for other workers.

producerMolding Coremaking and Casting Machine Setters Operators and Tenders Metal and Plasticcareer

You will set up, operate, or tend metal or plastic molding, casting, or coremaking machines to mold or cast metal or thermoplastic parts or products.

producerWellhead Pumperscareer

You will operate power pumps and auxiliary equipment to produce flow of oil or gas from wells in oil fields.

solverWatch Repairerscareer

You will repair, clean, and adjust mechanisms of timing instruments, such as watches and clocks.